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Derby Queens – Notable, Quotable & Over 40

Picture from "Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Roller Girls."


These quotes were taken from a recent Huffington Post article. Love them!


“Unemployed? Fat? A lawyer? Rich housewife? Who cares? We all smell the same at the end of practice. It’s a “no judgment zone” where everyone can let their freak flag fly.”
~ Blonde Phantom, 47, Providence Roller Derby


“I never want to be that woman who lets fear keep her from doing new things or the things she really wants to do. I tell people “It’s not a tragedy to die doing what you love to do. The tragedy is dying never having done what you always wanted to do.”
~ Vi Suvius, 50, Ventura County Derby Darlins


“There will be nursing homes filled with cranky old women who don’t want to be babied and will hip check anyone trying to force them to do something.”
~ Patti Wackin, 40, Kansas City Roller Warriors


“Derby gives women a place where they belong, especially women who don’t fit in anywhere else. I have always been a take-charge kind of woman and usually felt like a fish out of water in traditional woman’s groups, but I have always felt accepted for myself among derby women.”
~ Batterin’ Gram, 56, Minnesota Roller Girls


“My opponents don’t care how old I am, and I don’t care how old they are. If I’m a blocker, I’m gonna hit you. If I’m a jammer, I’m gonna fight my way through the pack to score on you.”
~ Kona Krusher, 49, Fort Wayne Derby Girls


“I wonder, with so many thousands of women across the world playing this sport now, how will this change the fabric of society down the road? I can’t wait to find out. This is so tangibly and dramatically different from any other phase of the women’s movement so far”
~ Cat O’Mighty, 51, Central Mass Roller Derby


“I wish I’d had roller derby in my 20s, rather than step aerobics.”
~ Stone Cold Jane Austen, 43, CoMo Derby Dames


“Seriously, there is no finer feeling than sweeping some girl off her skates with a solid hipcheck. Sounds crazy, but I love getting hit, too, short of being carried off the track. The day Madame Magenta knocked me flying into the inside oval, I was thrilled for her. ‘Nice hit, grasshopper!’”
~ Flash Hottie, 55, Windy City Rollers


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